We’ve said it for years. Many companies can park cars. Handle lot management. Operate shuttle vans and golf carts around healthcare facilities and campuses. And many, if not most, of those companies will identify themselves as part of the parking or transportation industry.

That’s where we are different. Ambassadors Plus provides valet parking, lot management and maintenance, shuttle van service, golf cart transports and more. And we do it all well. But we consider ourselves to be in the hospitality industry. And here is why…

If you look up the word hospitality in the dictionary, you will find such definitions as “the friendly and generous reception of guests, visitors or strangers” and “taking care of guests and anticipating their needs.” Sure, we train our associates to know proper procedures and safety techniques when we hire them to park cars, for example – but we take it to the next level by training them to provide unparalleled hospitality and customer-focused service as well. Because the patrons expect you to park and retrieve their cars safely, but what leaves a lasting and memorable impression is when you do that in a friendly, generous and caring way.

We believe that the hospitality industry encompasses more than the hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions that typically come to mind. Customer service is at the heart of all that we do at Ambassadors Plus, no matter what parking- or transportation-related job we are doing. Being hospitable is an important part of what we offer and an integral component of who we are. 

We’ve been told that our customer service/hospitality-minded approach – combined with our proven experience with parking and transportation – gives us a competitive edge. Sometimes being a little different is a plus.