“Always be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” ~ Plato

At Ambassadors Plus, we understand that parking cars is only a small part of what we do – particularly in the healthcare hospitality industry. Valet parking at restaurants or hotels is very different in nature, and often more of a luxury than a necessity. At our client hospitals, we realize that most patients and guests use our service because they have a real need for it. They either cannot walk from the parking lot to the building’s entrance due to physical limitations, or they are simply too weak or sick to travel any distance.

We have always considered our jobs, however, to be more than even addressing physical needs. The patients and visitors who come to the medical facilities we serve frequently need emotional support, as well. You never know what a smile, a warm greeting or an encouraging word might do for someone you encounter. Our associates are trained to be compassionate and to truly connect with our patients.

Kindness matters.

As a general rule, no one is going to the hospital – unless a baby has been born – for a happy reason. Either that person or someone they love is sick and/or hurting. We recognize this fact and accept the added challenge of providing hospitality services at healthcare facilities where creating a positive first impression during a tough period in the patient or visitor’s life is extra difficult. We may not be able to remove someone’s burdens…but we can certainly try to lighten them.

During this season, Ambassadors Plus is especially aware of the sadness that can accompany those patients and guests who must spend the holidays in the hospital. Please know that our associates are committed to making visitors’ experiences as positive as possible. We train our people to provide exceptional service. We teach them to be empathetic and supportive. We expect them to care.

But above all else, we want them to be kind.