We firmly believe that we cannot continue to deliver the caliber of service for which we have become known without the right people in place.

Our hiring process is extremely selective, and attitude is at the top of the list of criteria. We can train associates to perform job duties, but they must already demonstrate qualities which are more difficult to teach: enthusiasm, passion, positive attitude and compassion for others.

Once we have assembled our team, our comprehensive training program gives our associates the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, while reinforcing the belief that attitude makes all the difference between a satisfactory customer service experience – and one that goes the extra mile in exceeding all expectations

We asked a few of our associates to tell us what they love about their jobs, and their responses perfectly illustrate why attitude is so important. Do your valets offer this kind of service?

“Making a difference in people’s lives makes my job and day more enjoyable, and makes it worth coming to work every day just to put a smile on someone’s face.”

~ Mark, Associate

“When you leave an impression on the patients, it really lasts and you are remembered. I’d rather be remembered for something good over something bad any day.”

~ Larry, Associate

“I get such a great joy to be in a place to speak an encouraging word that causes patients to search for me and thank me for giving them HOPE. This brings tears to my eyes.”

~ Fred, Valet Supervisor